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The Fairglen PTO would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you and your families to Fairglen Elementary School. Since this may be the first time at Fairglen Elementary for many of you, we think that it is important to explain what the Fairglen PTO is all about.

It is important to note that come August 12th you will automatically become a member of the Fairglen PTO.  In fact, all parents or guardians of children attending Fairglen, as well as each member of the professional staff, are members of the Parent Teacher Organization and are encouraged to participate in its activities.

The active members of the committee consist of both parents and teachers who volunteer their time to enhance the educational experience of every child in our school.  We are an independent organization and we do not belong to any state or national affiliation, or support any political platforms. Because we are a PTO we keep all of the funds that we raise for our school rather than sending money for state and/or national dues or fees.

The Fairglen Elementary School PTO's mission is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff of Fairglen Elementary School.  Our dedication is to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential. To meet this extremely important goal the organization actively fundraises through various ongoing and event specific programs and activities. These funds enable us to offer many varied programs and projects, all for the betterment of the students' education.

We will never force anyone to dedicate more time than they are willing, or to be coerced into any undertaking that they are not comfortable with.  ANY time that ANY individual is willing to offer is more valuable than we can relate!  To give you an example of how important the committee feels your valuable participation is, we have gone out of our way to prevent the need of dues, such as the majority of other PTA and PTO groups require.  We also understand that in today's world it is increasingly more difficult to be able to find time to give, even such as one to two hours once a month, which is how often the committee meets.  

There's so much more that can be accomplished, and we need your help. Despite what you see on TV, our parent group is not a bunch of crazed, power-hungry moms (or dads).  We are moms and dads, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and friends who care about children and education.  We are welcoming and friendly.  We are your neighbors, and we share many of the same concerns that you do.

But that's not the only reason to become active. The results are startling.  When parents get involved in their children's education, grades go up, test scores go up, children become more likely to pass and to attend better schools after high school, and they have fewer discipline problems.

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President – Brandi Starkey

Vice President – Heather Armstrong

Treasurer – Jessica Back

Recording Secretary – TBD

Communications Secretary – Sarah Storley